yonderman - This was the very first production on my new 16tk Fostex recorder. It
was late 1990 and late at night, or early morning. I had worked all day running wires,
console,patch-bays,reverb,delay,compressors and so on, it was about midnight
when it was ready to turn on. I hooked the M-5 drum box and started putting down
sounds, and then the small moog. I wanted to hear the moog backwards, so I turned
the tape over. I'm a big Beatles fan and I knew Lennon like to do stuff like that. I
hooked up a mic and started saying no.9, when I turned the tape back around there
was yonderman. I told a few people about it and they started calling me yonderman. I
still go by that name. There's a little of the white album on here too.  Any way, this is
not a song - just sounds..The mouse over picture here pretty well shows what It
looked like that night. I later moved the recorder across the room away from console.