1. Hemingway                                
2. Gumbo                                
3. Down There                                
4. Blue Ball Blues ( lost )                
5. Sing It Clear                
6. I Will                                
7. Not For Sale                            
8. I’ll Make It Up To You            
9. Vacation                                
12.I Would Have Thought           
13.True Love                                
14.All That Love                        
15.Don’t Leave Me Alone        
16.That’s The Way It Is                
17.Just One Kiss                        
18.Don’t Be Shy                        
19.    I                                        
20.I’m Sorry                                
21.Jesus Saves Souls                        
22.Christmas Time Alone                
23.Stay True                                
24.Your Love                                
25.I Wish It Was Me                
26.Sad People  ( lost )                              
27.Lord Forgive Me        
28. I Rather Die                        
29.Thanking Each Day                
30. Nothing We Can Do                
31. Mother’s Day                        
32. Good Bye                                
33. She Doesn't Care                
34. Let’s Play                                
35. She’s Dancing                        
36. If I Give                                
37. Hank Started Everything                
38. Wrong                                
39. I’ll Make It Up To You (revised)
40. The Kids-I Want To Roll
41.Tell It Like It Is
42. A True Love
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