This story took place years ago, can't remember exactly the time but I think it was 1961. As a kid back then I
didn't have very many friends, we had moved around a lot and I was in several different schools so I was a
year behind. All the boys would hang around together and the girls would do their thing. But this one girl
would hang around us, her name was Nancy Black. I knew her daddy was Bill Black but that didn't really
mean a lot to me at the time. He wasn't playing with Elvis anymore and we really didn't hear very much
about Elvis. I don't remember ever asking her about her daddy, she was just another one of my friends.

The school I was going to at the time was Jackson Elementary, it was at Wales and Graham and the Blacks
lived right off Graham. I'm not sure but I think Bill was building a home studio there, I remember my mom
saying something about going over and looking at it. Now this one day right before Easter break I had a
stye in my eye and it was hurting like crazy but I was happy about not having to come to school the next
day. The vice principal came into the room and talk to our teacher then they talked to Nancy, she got her
things together and left. That was the last time I ever saw Nancy. No one ever told me what happened to her
and as a kid we just went on with life.

Through the years from time to time I would think about her, somewhere along the way I started thinking that
that day before Easter was the day that her daddy passed away. A few weeks ago I was looking at the news
on Yahoo and saw a story about Paul McCartney having Bill Black bass guitar. I started thinking about it and
looked up and found that Bill passed in 1965. In 1965 I was 15 and going to Gregg school, so whatever
happened right before Easter it wasn't what I had remembered. I'm thinking maybe now they moved that
day. Anything about Elvis or The Beatles is very interesting to me,so this story about Nancy wanting to see
her daddy's bass is very cool. It shows what kind of person McCartney is and I'm happy to see Nancy's okay
too. But I to this day wonder why I never seen her again. I really enjoyed reading this story, hope you do too..

UPDATE.. After over fifty years of not hearing from Nancy I got her phone number the other day ( 4-2-15).
             She informed me that it was the 6th grade we were in together and they had planed on moving
             to a bigger house with some land for some time. Just goes to show you some things aren't
             the way you remember them..
Nancy and Paul