Stacy Birdsong - vocal
Ray Still - lead guitar
John Wright - bass
Roger - drums, guitar & keyboards
                                    Wrong - started 4-4-04  mastered  8-1-04
I had the first part and the middle of this song for over a year, ran into a block every time I worked
on it. I was over at a friend's Greg Roberson one day playing guitars. I showed it to him, and with-in
an hour we had the whole song, just the way it is here. I've only wrote with one other person, Kerry
Ryan on Vacation.  Mike Taylor, the drummer from RiverBluff had a girl singer, Stacy Birdsong he
wanted me to meet. When they came over to the studio I had just started tracking Wrong. Stacy
wanted to try it, so I got my acoustic guitar and started playing it. She got on it the first pass, so she
was my singer for this song. It doesn't have the feel I really wanted, but I like it. She is a very good
singer, with looks too..Did a video on this one too..