The Kids 1992,L-R> Anna, Jacquelyn's friend?, Jacquelyn, Chrissy, Ruby. There were two boys there too, Scott
and Tony. I wanted to get Anna on tape so I worked up a session with Ginger's kids-Jacquelyn&Scott and a
friend, Bruce Sumpter's two- Chrissy&Tony. Couldn't get the boys to act right, boys will be boys. The girls
worked good together for about 4 hours. We wrote and worked the song up the day of the session. I worked
with the R-5 drum machine and Danny did the keys. Everybody helped with the words, mostly Crow and Ginger
and the kids. I put the sound effects in a few days later when I mixed it, fun was had by all. This picture was taken
at the very end of the session, about midnight-you can see it in their faces..