Mother's Day - started 9-15-01  mastered 1-12-02
                                  The idea for this song came from a Christmas Eve session 1998.
Tommy Burroughs a great musician and friend called a few days before Christmas and wanted to do a song
( Green Sleeves ) for his mother's Christmas present. It snowed us out that night but was clear by Christmas
Eve, so we did it then. On the next Mother's Day, I was setting out back playing guitar. The thought of
Tommy caring about his mom came to me, and I started writing it. I called Tommy to get him to help write it,
but he was to busy at the time, on the road making a living. I tried several times to get him to play on it, never
could get together on a time and just gave up on it. I did a solo on the music and got Richard Beckham to do
the vocals. One of these days I'm going to produce it like it should be. Doesn't have the right feel for the love
of mothers..