Bobby Lawson - lead vocal
Ray Still - rhy & lead guitar
Mike Linberger - bass
Len Renfro - guitar fills
Roger - drums, keyboard
                              I'd Rather Die - started 3-8-99  Mastered  5-5-00
This is another true feeling songs, TV inspired it - but I was thinking about my kids the
whole time I was writing it. One of my favorite singers of the 60's was Bobby Lawson, of
Lawson's Blues Bag - w - Gundy Owens & Glen Cammack. I had already put down all the
tracks to this song. I saw Bobby at Tony's Pizza one night and told him I had a song I
would love for him to sing. A few days later he came in to do it, it wasn't in his key - but
he did a great job on it. He's The Real Deal....