Richard Beckham - vocal
Donna Cornelius - vocal
Ray Still - lead guitar
John Wright - bass
Roger - drums, rhy guitar & keys
                        Hank Started Everything - started 3-17-02   mastered  1-2-04
When I started ScrapMusic back in 1978, I had the feeling that it had all been done. If you
talk to musicians today, they'll tell you they were influenced by,Hank Williams,Elvis Presley
or The Beatles. If not, they were influenced by somebody that was influenced by one of the
three.I know that Marilyn Manson is as far away from 3 chord Beatles songs as you can get.
He's just taking Ozzy Osbourne act to the extreme. And everybody know how Ozzy felt
about John Lennon..I did my first music video on this song, it's one of my favorites..