This is a cool one, the day Michael came to town. One of the musicians I was working with was Martin Anderson.
                            His brother was coming through Memphis from California going to Nashville. He needed a demo to shop and
                            Martin ask if he could do one at Backdoor on DAT. So I let them use the studio for free trying to help, Martin
                            engineered as you can see on the mouseover. They did 26 songs, 23 gospel and 3 country 1 of witch was
                            'Maybe It Was Memphis'. Now he made over a half million bucks on it and I never heard from him again..
                                                                                                        Now That's Karma !!
                            The main thing I hate about this, I did a demo on Martin doing 'Maybe It Was Memphis' six months before Michael
                            came to town, and he really did a good job on it. I just didn't see anything real good about the song, Elvis can't
                            sing and The Beatles can't write american songs..
Maybe It Was Memphis
Maybe It Was Memphis