The Triffids- at The Sugar Shack,November 1966
left-to-right  Glen Cammack,me back in the back on drums,
Harry Bryan on the mic and Morgan ( Gundy )Ownes.
I don't know who took this picture,but they got us all in the
shot.This was one of the nights we only had two guitars,no
bass.I love Glen,but we needed a bass bad.
I can hear him now, Bill Kirkpatrick singing the blues. He was
as good as any white boy anywhere. He is my age,17 when
this picture was taken. He could also make that Melody Maker
talk. I think I took this picture,Harry's on the drums..

The Triffids
The picture to the right was taken out front of The Shack.
left-to-right > Gundy,Harry,Bill,Me and Wayne down front
If it was day time and the picture wasn't so worn you could
see the Hatchie River behide us.I kept this picture in my
billfold for a couple of years,it went to California with me.As
you can see,everybody loved their beer.Gundy was the only
one old enough to drink and he didn't have one.I was afraid
my mom would see this picture and be worry about me
drinking,I did have one-I'm holding it behide me.We had a lot
of fun in this band,drugs were about to change everything.   
the sweet 60's