Hi, my name is Manuela McDaniel and I was born in Florence Italy. I live right outside Memphis,TN
And I have been playing piano for about 3 Years under the guidance of Mr. Roger Van Christopher;
I’m not a pro, just an amateur musician and I still have a lot to learn, but enjoy every minute I put
into it.

My inspiration in wanting to play piano are definitely  Mr. Jerry Lee Lewis and his sister Linda Gail,
I’ve been lucky enough to be able to see them performing on different occasion and hang around
them some.

I like different styles of music ,but my favorite ones are boogie woogie and the more recently
discovered ragtime, my favorite all time song writers are Hank Williams Sr.  & Mr. Roger Van

Me & Mr. Roger Van Christopher get together and make some noise, him on guitar and me at the
piano. Roger has taught me a lot about music and I am grateful  to him for that.
Sincerely, Manuela