left-right>Jerry McGill, Will (Bardahl) McDaniel, Elvis Presley, Billy Powell, Bubba
Tubbs, Jim Crowe. Elvis had just returned from the service in 1960, they were
playing at Graceland Elementary School. It was around this time I became a big fan
of Bardahl'. I had been a fan of Elvis's for years. Bardahl was a name Elvis gave
him, most everybody knew him as Willy. The McDaniels were a racing family,
Willy's daddy, brother and uncle all raced car and motorcycles. I went to a stockcar
race in 1960 and loved it, a week later I met Mason, my mother's brother - the
daddy to Al   and Willy, the coolest dudes I had ever met. A few weeks later Willy
introduced me to Elvis. It was like a dream, Elvis was a big part of the dream. But
watching stock cars with family right in the middle, it was just too much. I still
played sports in the neighborhood in the winter time, but when racing season
started I was nowhere to be found..The mouse over is a picture of me in Willy's car
"The Gray Ghost" it was taken a few days before I met him at his daddy house..